Content Marketing Basics: What Is a Content Writer and How to Become One

Content Marketing Basics: What Is a Content Writer and How to Become One

Content marketing (CM) is on the rise. So the always increasing demand for content writers is no surprise.

The other reason for a strong interest in content writing (CW) is the new Google content policy.

Last year, Google introduced new search and rank algorithms. While regular internet users celebrate this move, the mood on the other side of the web is different.

Furthermore, site owners around the web still suffer severe headaches. Hard to believe, right?

Even so, some webmasters sustained traumas, others are yet unaware of what’s happening.

“My website experienced a colossal decrease in visitors.”

“Until several months ago, my ecommerce website was on the first Google page. Now it’s on page 15.”

Sounds familiar?

If this has happened to you, or you want to avoid it from happening, then better pay attention.

The New Google Policy Dictates the Rules on Content Quality

Just as the general population, Google got fed up with:

  • clickbait headlines,
  • spammy backlinks,
  • misleading and false information,
  • and lousy but keyword-stuffed nonsense.
closeup of female hands holding white tablet with a google search page open

The rules on web pages are plain: quality over quantity. Blog and website owners have three choices:

  1. continue with the usual lazy crappy-content practice and get eaten by Google;
  2. learn, adapt and overcome;
  3. choose between No. 1 and No. 2, because the third doesn’t exist.

Google’s move marked the end of traditional marketing presence on the web, and the toxic content practice along with it.

Likewise, if you want your presence on the web noticed, you must:

  • offer quality content, both written and visual;
  • develop interest in readers or visitors’ satisfaction with your blog or site.

Basically, you need to get into content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing and How It Links to Content Writing?

“Content marketing is all about storytelling, and humans have told stories for as long as they could speak. Our attention will always go to those who tell great stories.”

Neil Patel, Co-Founder at KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg

Content is pure information and comes in various forms:

  • blog posts (WordPress, Blogger, Medium),
  • web pages (WordPress, Joomla),
  • images (banners, ads, posters, infographs),
  • social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram),
  • podcasts and other audio recordings (SoundCloud, Podomatic),
  • video clips (YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo).

Quality content is the cornerstone of content marketing.

white typography of the word marketing followed by marketing media icons over a blurred background of people silhouettes

Its purpose is to address website visitors, readers and customers. After all, it is a means of communication. But, most people ignore or forget its primary function.

Nonetheless, the oblivion towards the content’s essential role comes with severe consequences.

Your existing customers may forgive you, but new ones won’t. Mostly because you won’t be able to crawl back from the dark hole where Google has found a place for you.

Google favors internet users over website owners and bloggers. Period. If you want to stay in the game, you’ll have bring content marketing into the field.

Content marketing teaches us that content isn’t about us, nor our products or services. Instead, CM reminds us that content revolves around the readers.

Having this in mind, the main issue is obvious. It doesn’t matter how in-depth researched, innovative, and professionally written or designed the content is. If the message doesn’t speak to the targeted audience, then you’ve missed the point of content marketing. And you’re probably doomed from the beginning.

The good news is, content marketing is a skill you can learn.

Since the majority of web content is written, it’s easy to understand why content writers are important.

What Is a Content Writer?

If you ever read a content writer job description, you noticed that potential employers often ask for a specific set of skills:

  • excellent research ability,
  • near-native English grammar and style competence,
  • the ability to adapt to the company’s tone and voice,
  • a knack for addressing the targeted audience,
  • creativity,
  • capability to work under pressure and honor deadlines.

Sounds easy, right?

Let us guess.

You’re thinking: “I research every day. My imagination is vivid. I even read and write a lot, especially on social media. And I’m successful among friends and followers, so I can do this.”

The truth is, you’re probably wrong.

Hey, even our Mark from Titan Writer made the same mistake.

>>> Read about Mark’s agony when he found out what being a content writer really meant >>>

Content writing differs from traditional writing and requires learning and practice every single day.

This brings to the next part.

How to Become a Content Writer?

For starters, the persistent will to learn, apply and develop new skills is sufficient.

The next phase scares most people off, after they realize it’s a never-ending task.

Facing and responding to new challenges over-and-over looks intimidating enough. But, as we’ve said before, it’s essential if you want to stay afloat.

So, what now?

content marketing and content writing is a passion, an image of a sign on pavement saying passion led us here

If you’re new to content writing, you’ll be relieved to know there are plenty of free ebooks and courses that’ll introduce you to CW.

But, be aware. Neither of them will help you become a content writer overnight, so don’t get discouraged.

Attention Fellow Writer: If you need a professional writing tool that’ll guide you through the process of content writing and teach you how to improve your style, try Pro Writing Aid (affiliate). Here at Titan Writer we use the pro version to edit all our posts.

Remember how long it took you to learn how to read and write? That’s right. It took you a while, but you made it through. So trust us when we say you CAN grasp content writing the same way.

But, if CW is a craft anyone can get a hold on, why do most people fail?

Well, most people experience difficulties with throwing away old habits.

Why does becoming a content writer demand developing new habits?

Still unsure why content writing asks for a different approach? Let’s do a little throwback.

Do you recall yourself as a student?

The professor gives you homework to work on over the weekend. The assignment looks easy; It’s a specific topic, and you need to reach the word-count milestone.

You research a little and get onto writing.

Your inner yarn spinner is inspired and eager to perform. So you write huge sentences and transform them into monstrous paragraphs.

And let‘s not forget the academic vocabulary. Complicated and tongue-breaking words fill you with joy and pride. They make you feel powerful, almost scientist-like.

No audience comes through your mind. You don’t think about the teacher or classmates, because a good grade is your main goal. 

After pouring out all the facts collected on the topic, you realize you’re halfway through.

Panic strikes.

So you include meaningless words, but adding complete nonsense doesn’t get you far. You recognize it’s time to change tactics. You rewrite, revise, rephrase, and repeat all the facts while trying to make the sentences sound different. Again, the assignment is several hundred words short, and you become fidgety.

Homework came down to the muscles. Your focus has shifted.

aerial image of a young male tattooed heavy weight lifter wearing blue sweat shorts and orange sneakers

The grade doesn’t concern you anymore. The only thing you care about is completing the mission.

Since you’re in a hurry and lost patience, you add tangents, redundant words, and unnecessarily qualifying statements.

The sweat on your forehead dries off. You did it.

Does it ring a bell?

Schools never introduced content writing and its benefits to us

That’s what we at Titan Writer call traditional writing.

However, content writing is everything but the writing style the education system allowed us to adopt.

Unlike old-school writing, CW revolves around creating clear and concise content while using simple vocabulary

With every sentence, each content writer faces the same obstacles — producing engaging content that people’ll want to read. And that’s a fact; not a myth made up to make content writing look more special than it is.

However, simple-words entertainment is not the sole difference between content and traditional writing.

titan writer infographic showing differences between content writing and traditional writing

Download this image in full-size .pdf form to remind you towards what content goals you should aim for.

Becoming a content writer is a matter of internet existence continuity.

Why Should Bloggers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Become Content Writers?

Think about your favorite bloggers.

No matter how much you enjoy reading their blog posts, sometimes you skip certain parts. And you jump over them because they suck the life out of you. Some days those parts are small, on other occasions large chunks of text. If crappy portions reoccur often and grow bigger, you lose interest.

Ever wondered why that happened?

Because your blogger didn’t think like a content writer.

content marketing strategy closeup image of a wooden desk with pot plants magazines pencils and an iron over a crumbled paper with the letters marketing strategy over it

Instead of having you (the audience) in mind while writing, your blogger made mistakes that pulled him or her backwards. Such slips can even become career-killers.

“To write good content, we have to anticipate what our readers think. We have to anticipate the questions they want to ask. We have to help them, comfort them, touch them, energize them, and nudge them to take action.”

Henneke Duistermaat, Founder at Enchanting Marketing

Of course, content writing benefits are not reserved for entertainers only.

Here’s our breakdown of the 5 most important reasons to start learning about content writing and marketing today.

an infographic list of five most important reasons to start learning content marketing and writing and how blogs and websites benefit from it

Final Thoughts on Content Marketing and Writing

Exceptional content writing is the best weapon you can have while battling for your place on the internet.

Content marketing helps boosting your blog and business success, supports spreading amazing web content, and also contributes to your personal thrive.

And that’s when you become a true content marketing hero.

What do you think? Is there a good enough reason why bloggers, business owners and webmasters shouldn’t become content writers? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Also, if you have friends that could use a little help, share this article with them.

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