Business Failure: How to Avoid Dramatic Impact and Stay on Course

Business Failure: How to Avoid Dramatic Impact and Stay on Course

Despite popular belief, business failure isn’t beginners-only exclusive experience.

However, disappointment strikes newbies the hardest. And the awful blow doesn’t come alone, hell no. Big or small, a setback has horrible and clingy friends, like difficult coping-time and slow recovery.

Furthermore, the perception of disaster amplifies with prodigious and unrealistic expectations.

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In our previous post, we wrote about motivational speakers and ways their teaching methods influence insecure individuals.

Indeed, influential lectures carry one specific message: Take immediate action because we offer the promise of success.

Most Beginners Get the Idea of Being Ready Too Soon and Increase the Chance of Experiencing Business Failure

By nature, newbies are ambitious and impatient. They’re also somewhat aware that preparation takes time. However, in most cases, their objective state lasts only up to the point they meet motivational experts. And don’t fool yourself.

It’s easy to crack under the influence of constant reassurance and lose head over a few big-money-fast promises.

Thanks to the power of fiery persuasion, online courses sometimes cause a rearview side-mirror effect.

This impact causes end-goals to appear closer than they are. Beginners decide they’re prepped in full and ready to launch.

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Good bye logic, welcome delusions.

All it takes is the right dose of positivity to feel mighty. People around you can hear your inner voice roaring: That’s it! No more delay! You are ready, buster!

So you, the new soon-to-be-famous player, kick off hard, and all of a sudden: BOOM. You hit the wall and cataclysm strikes.

Summed up, your:

  • Articles lack readers, 
  • Blog has no subscribers,
  • Website misses visitors,
  • Social media accounts are short on followers and interactions.

Even worse, months passed, and you didn’t land a job. Neither did you sell anything. Thus, you sink into the chair and leave yourself exposed to self-doubt and anger.

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Am I incapable, stupid, unfit, clumsy or useless?

But you were thorough, in both planning and performance. Is it a misfortune?

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Or is it something else?

Is Positive Thinking the Root of Disastrous Impact of Business Failure?

While listening to motivational speakers, images of the amazing future become more realistic and feasible. Together with them comes the fantasy road leading you towards the inevitable. You visualize yourself enjoying a dream job; For the first time, your head doesn’t burst when you check the bank account balance. What a time to be alive! Good thing you discovered those tips because you can’t imagine what would you’ve done without them.

I just need to do what my idol tells me, and I’ll be just as brilliant and thriving.

image for the titan writer blog post. Depicted is a young man, standing sideways, holding a card saying there are no rules. Only his hand and the card are in focus, everything else is heavily blurred

Enough with the mumbo-jumbo, because a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. You can do everything decent and nevertheless fail. Was there anything you could’ve done to avoid business failure?

Perhaps. Remember that old-school BS called SWOT analysis?

While focused on the positive, often you neglect weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

In addition, you ignore the success-possibility rate and don’t bother to fight harder. You become lazy and relaxed. And not because someone told you fail isn’t an option, oh no. But because they guaranteed profit.

They’re giving you the ultimate gift — proven methods and strategies. 

However, those schemes might not be the right solution for your venture, because progress depends on multiple conditions you have no control over.

How the Overly Positive Marketing Tips Influence the Consequences of Business Failure

Sounds exaggerated, don’t you agree?

Seriously, though, what could happen other than you experiencing one or many unpleasant surprises?

Well, you could also suffer side effects of positive intoxication.

image for the titan writer blog post. Depicted is a close up of a stressed out man over business failure, holding the root of his nose with his fingers, and keeping his eyes closed

Various symptoms include:

  • Amplified self-accusation. Blaming yourself for the business failure is the first signal you had too much positivity. If only you were able to believe stronger, you could have avoided this mess…
  • Decreased self-esteem. After self-blame, the next step is the dropping self-esteem. Don’t kid yourself, because it hits hardest the persons who were insecure in the beginning.
  • Emotional suppression.  A certain thriving someone warned you: the only way to succeed is to avoid unhappy thoughts at any cost. So you obey, because you don’t want to risk attracting bad luck.
  • Increased unhappiness. Unrealistic expectations fuel your imagination. Since end-results often vary from your illusions, your unhappiness level will spike high.

Getting wrong ideas from inconsiderate teachers doesn’t look so naïve afterall.

Avoiding Inspirational Marketing Courses Isn’t a Solution

Dodging every suspicious course or a professional would be absurd.

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We’ll be honest with you.

The odds of you stumbling upon idealistic experts and tons of empty promises aren’t in your favor. Moreover, we can’t affect the manner in which marketing gurus present their ideas to you. (It would be a good idea, though.)

But, we can recommend you to stay rational. Or, at least try.

Disasters, slips and errors along the entrepreneur road are always a possibility.

However, if you take the analytical approach, you can decrease or avoid the consequences of business failure, thus prevent greater psychological damage.

How to Minimize the Consequences of Empty Promises and Business Failure

1. Have reasonable expectations.

The narratives about getting rich and famous fast are fantastic, but they’re still stories.

2. Optimism is not positive psychology.

Your thinking doesn’t determine the faith of the venture and winning the game is not a matter of a positive attitude. Create a step-by-step strategy for all elements that might go wrong. That’ll be your personal plan on how to avoid misfortunes or minimize the damage.

3. Balance is key to healthy reasoning.

Anxiety about future outcomes is innate, so don’t push disturbing thoughts under the rug. But also don’t allow them to eat you up alive.

Focus only on the matters you’re able to control. After all, having multiple back-up plans for every possible situation is the purpose of a business strategy.

4. Imminent success is rare.

Forget Tom Anderson (Myspace) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Let the images of multi-billion-dollars industries which started in the garage fade. Having role models is fine, as long as you accept the fact that their faith might not be yours.

image of success business that started in the garage. Depicted are the garages where Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley, Disney and Mattel started out first.

Also, although they’re the best triumph examples, neither of it happened overnight. It took years of hard and persistent effort to accomplish what they have. In some cases, even a bit of luck was involved. Anyway, it’s clear. You can thrive, but mostly because you must work your ass off.

5. No one is too perfect.

The imperfection rule applies to business experts and marketing gurus you’re following as well. Avoiding everything but the victory stories is a matter of their brand guidelines. For multiple reasons, they’re obligated to stick to the image and stay in character. But trust us, losing visitors or followers freaks them out more than beginners. Needless to say, they got more to lose and they’re trying hard not to.

6. Focus on the process.

It’s tough not to fantasize about the amazing possibilities. However, try shifting your focus from the end-outcome (dream) to the process itself, and just do it as Nike would say.

image for the titan writer blog post. Depicted is a woman's hand holding a card saying stay focused. The image is black and white, only the hand and the card are in focus, while everything else is blurred

If you don’t enjoy the process, either’s something wrong with your idea or you’re not truly interested.

Either way, without investing effort into development, reaching the stars is highly unlikely.

7. No dream job excludes everyday struggle.

Nothing beats doing what you adore and getting paid for it. However, that doesn’t mean things will run smoothly. Struggles go with the territory.

8. No marketing strategy lasts forever.

You found the perfect solution to achieve one or all goals? That’s awesome! But don’t forget to measure the results from time to time, because trends and demands in the business industry change fast and often.

9. Even the worst lessons in the world can offer valuable information.

No matter how dull or annoying a tutorial or a teacher is, you can always pick up new marketing tips and a few tricks from experienced people. Still, we suggest you also check out the newbies.

Beginners often offer the simplest solutions for the most complicated issues.

10. Grant your idea sufficient time.

The probability of dissatisfaction (business failure) striking during the first three months is high. 

Anyhow, the truth is there’s a chance you won’t see any benefits for a year.

image for the titan writer blog post urging beginners to give their idea enough time before calling it a business failure. Depicted are four crumbled papers representing dissatisfaction, and at the end there's one paper with the word idea written on it. The papers are yellowish on a light blue background.

Before you quit or change plans, give your original option enough time and effort. Don’t call it a business failure until you made sure you gave everything in your power to get ahead.

If you’re unsatisfied with the results after a year and a half, or even two, then consider changing the primary business concept.

11. Learning, adapting and overcoming is forever.

Once you start upgrading knowledge, you never stop. It’s an endless loop, so get ready for the drive.

Final Thoughts on Business Failure

During the greatest part of your trying-to-break-through journey, you’ll feel helpless and abandoned. Not to mention how often you’ll find no rhyme or reason for anything that’s happening.

Even so, the [sad] point is, you’re neither the only one nor the last one. No consolation intended.

No matter what your gurus-of-choice sell you now, once upon a time they were YOU.

That being said, there’ll always be issues you won’t understand or solve. At least not without some help, even if that help means resolving troubles by yourself. And again, there’s that dreadful business failure that’ll make you doubt your worthiness numerous times.

Think of it as a maturing process or an initiation.

A new project is an abundant challenge, so don’t complicate matters further.

Go for your dreams.

Just remind yourself to stay within the boundaries of realistic expectations.

What are your stress-dealing techniques? Any specific rituals involving ice-cream or music? Share your experience in the comments down bellow and subscribe to Titan Writer for more posts.

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