Behind the Scenes: Marketing Tips for a Quick Six-Figure Profit

Behind the Scenes: Marketing Tips for a Quick Six-Figure Profit

Quality easy-to-apply success marketing tips that work like charm.

Or is this request unrealistic?

Thanks to the internet, we’re surrounded by a legion of business experts and gurus. Yet, when searching for profitable marketing tips, most beginners turn back empty-handed. Or, even more confused than they were.

Is Real Value Marketing Tips Painful to Come By?

We are witnesses of the information era. Doesn’t that make the absence of simple solutions for ordinary issues odd?

It does. But, no matter how strange, the lack of precious info also confirms the absolute paradox — true value is troublesome to find.

You’re familiar with the issue all too well.

Instead of being productive, you spend days considering that one damn thing which is holding you back from the rest of your work. So you turn to the all-knowing Google for an answer.

young man wearing white long-sleeve shirt with elbows on desk looking at laptop screen reading test results he got from proofreader

However, the search results are not what you’ve expected. And the revelation stuns you, because you’re sure it’s a mistake. It’s not possible you’re the only person on the web who’s troubled by a certain step in a marketing strategy.

After a thorough research, you realize this ocean of info can’t offer you a life-jacket. So you arrive at a point where you’re certain something’s wrong with you. Hence, we need to ask you a question.

Are you positive you didn’t listen to a mumbo-jumbo marketing expert?

The Enticing Marketing Expert Persona Appearance

Compared to the rest of the mortals, thriving business professionals appear like a superior and intelligent alien species.

image for a titan writer blog post about marketing tips for beginners: blackboard with a chalk typography text saying success, go get it

Their blogs, articles and video-clips offer epic results and immediate success. Everyone envies them and craves to be like them.

Bloggers, content writers and marketers desire those levels of skills, confidence, intelligence and capability.

Even you.

Most beginners find mumbo-jumbo talk appealing. Hey, who else knows more about smooth progress than a prosperous person? Not to mention that the more powerful someone is, the better the lectures they provide. Right?

Well, not quite.

One Person’s Marketing Triumph Doesn’t Imply Wondrous Teaching Ability

It’s a common misconception.

Eager beginners absorb marketing tips their stars share online. After all, the titles promise salvation and fortune progress. Or, a detailed step-by-step steer guide at least.

Moreover, let’s not overlook the most significant fact. You have a unique chance to learn first-hand mind-blowing strategies that helped your heroes up the prosperity latter.

But what’s the price you’ll pay?

Inadequate Marketing Tips Presentation Has a Negative Impact on Struggling Beginners

Although the teaching ability isn’t linked to one’s prosperity, there’s more to this subject. The prime trouble with easy-fortune stories? Most people who came looking for marketing tips to build ideas end up abandoning their dreams.

I don’t understand any of these, so I must be unworthy.

Instead of developing skills, beginners gain additional lack of confidence.

Some people find motivation within failure and the challenge super-charges them to do and be better. Others respond with withdrawal at the very least.

>>> You think it’s impossible to recover from failure? Check out Mark’s story >>>

Indeed, giving up on months-worth of work takes more than a bummer. In fact, the sense of discontent expands with the wide range of unfulfilled promises.

And when we say promises, we mean assurances of the same success you were waiting to commence any minute now, while you sit by the computer.

image for a titan writer blog post about success marketing tips for beginners representing a desperate young man sitting on a chair in his room and holding a laptop computer, waiting for the success and profit to kick in

Do business professionals manipulate beginners? Do experts lure the crowd to reach the I am ready to be out on the field decision?

Are they selfish and mislead the desperate on purpose?

How can something as benign as a marketing course have a toxic effect on a stressed and gullible rookie?

In most cases, novices have a catastrophic reaction to the cold turkey because they were following marketing tips by two types of business experts:

  1. Grandiose teachers,
  2. Motivational speakers.

Grandiose Teachers

Here at Titan Writer, we also use the term baronial educators.

Although less dangerous than motivational coaches, this professional category is frequent on the internet.

Grandiose educators often offer top-notch secrets embedded in their how-to guides. So there’s no way you haven’t met a few of them yourself.

image for a titan writer blog post about success marketing tips for beginners, several people on the street, business man and a woman in the middle of the photo, and the man is holding a huge light bulb over his head representing a business idea

Let’s say you wanted to learn social media marketing. So you browse through YouTube’s rich batch and run into an interesting tutorial.

The offer draws your attention because the title guarantees an instant winner.

Plus, video engagements shows without doubt that the video is crazy popular, thus has thousands of likes and comments.

At the same time, the tutorial attracts you because you don’t want to waste time building a community. Moreover, you wish to grasp how to keep potential customers engaged the right way to achieve business goals.

The video tutorial is 60 minutes long, but hey, it’s worth the sacrifice.

Grandiose Teachers Want You to Know Their Legendary Explanations Take Time Because They’re Offering Supreme Marketing Tips

After sitting on your lower back for 45 minutes, you notice the video has brainwashed you.

WTF did I just watch?

Also, you realize that you’ve been watching a clip that showed you how to start a Facebook group, insert a cover photo, post and comment.

Tips turned out to be so silly even the kid next door could have fixed it up for you, except the kid doesn’t go by the title expert.

Nevertheless, you learned how those first-class marketing tips helped your tutor run his or hers group. And their group’s engagement is off the charts!

Of course, the group’s fruitful, because they’ve been running it for years. It’s also the place where they’ve changed and tested their marketing approach countless times until they got it to fit their needs. But the gurus don’t state the obvious, because struggles don’t belong in a compelling story.

When Dealing With Grandiose Marketing Tips, Beginners Feel Misled

So, you were misled, but that doesn’t stop you from digging further. You’re confident a better and detailed instruction which will solve your issues in an instant exists somewhere.

After viewing hundreds of tutorials, you call it a rest. In the end, the conclusion about all guides trying to sell you the nothing as a high-end marketing tip is evident.

Once the purple haze has cleared, the second sort of teachers comes into the picture.

Unlike baronial educators, these experts are far more exciting because their lessons are giving you back something you’ve lost in the learning process.

They restore your confidence and motivation.

Motivational Speakers

Today’s grim world forces us to look for positivity wherever and whenever we can.

Hey, YOU! My fortune tips are so promiscuous they should be forbidden! I make five-figures a month in my sleep, and so can you!

image for a titan writer blog post about success marketing tips for beginners representing a pile of coins with a blurred clock in the background

Think about it. Whom would you rather choose:

  • An expert who motivates and pulls you into the story, or
  • A professional who bores you with numbers and facts?

Deciding on a motivational speech isn’t a surprise.

A decent amount of stimulation makes presentations alluring and intriguing. 

That special spark drives individuals into assuming they can achieve almost anything. To be honest, no one wants to hear they can’t do it.

However, the trouble begins with excessive positivity.

Positive Psychology and Modern Teaching Methods Have Close Ties

Over the years, positive psychology and thinking have become worldwide trends.

Of course, web preachers adopted the positive story-telling concept that brought them great accomplishments.

We agree that experts need to motivate beginners. The one thing they shouldn’t do is focus solely on the positive outcomes, yet the mumbo-jumbo babble is the queen of the show. Still, their teaching methods are neither illegal nor unethical.

image for the titan writer blog post about success, a motivational quote saying good things happen to those who hustle
This one is actually quite good

But, what about you?

If you’re following lessons from someone who’s more of a personal coach than a teacher, you don’t need to be careful. Unless you’re paying for the course.

For starters, just be realistic. We can help you achieve that with our article on how to deal with business failure and stay on course.

Motivational Speakers Emphasize Positive Outcomes and Avoid Reality-Check

Motivational gurus avoid realistic facts that might scare you off.

For what it’s worth, it’s accidental. Professionals didn’t plan for you to suffer the possible side-effects because you were unprepared. Positive speech is one piece of the whole arsenal of marketing tools.

titan writer typography motivational quote for marketing beginners, and the quote is saying the more you learn the more you earn

Plus, many online teachers earn real money by selling you the get-rich-fast stories. If tutors fail to attract the audience, it would be pointless to represent themselves as success gurus.

Alas, inspiring and encouraging you are a part of the job, and you are the target customer. Even if you receive marketing tips for free.

Although a grain of responsibility wouldn’t hurt, what you’re dealing with is content marketing — the same trade you’re working to master.

Therefore, it’s evident you shouldn’t accept marketing courses as magical recipes, no matter what the authors promise.

Final Thoughts

Mastering marketing to build an effective strategy is a step-by-step process that requires time and effort.

Beginners who pursue elite, exclusive and time-limited fortune formulas will never find value. At least, not the one they need and seek.

No matter how gigantic your success frenzy is, no real ultimate shortcuts to the treasure chest exist in the business world. And for your mental health sake, if nothing else, it’s best to make peace with that fact right away.

Only then will you be able to view marketing tips from a different perspective. The realistic one.

After all, business is not for sloths.

What’s your opinion on marketing courses and various business experts? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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