Titan Writer helps content, blog, business, copy and other writers upgrade their skills and knowledge. Our goal is to share experience, tips, and tricks for all fellow writers. We believe that everyone can learn and master web and content writing.

It’s the truth.

Everyone can become their own heroes and their words can reach the attended audience. And all of us together can help combat toxic web content.

Our mission is not a secret.

Titan Writer offers FREE SEO digital content writing lessons, tips, tricks and resources.

However, to keep providing free lessons and teach fellow writers, we need to finance our work. That’s why Titan Writer compensates its work and efforts through affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing differs from traditional (banner/headers) advertising. In the world of affiliate marketing, affiliates don’t get compensated until the deal is done. Much like a pay-per-completed-service deal, and we couldn’t agree with it more.

Affiliate marketing functions through affiliate links.

What is a affiliate link?

When we recommend a product or service, we’ll set a direct link to the company’s website. Those particular links are called affiliate or referral links.

Whenever someone buys (recommended) products or services via our links, we’ll receive a commission from the vendor. Commissioned amounts vary from vendor to vendor, from a few bucks to a little bit more.

But, what you need to know is that these commissions come at NO EXTRA cost to you.

The entire commission amount comes from the vendors’ pocket alone.

THANK YOU for trusting and supporting Titan Writer!

Nevertheless, it’s important to know our ethical affiliate policy.

Ethical Affiliate Policy

Long story short: We’re someone’s buyers too.

In addition, we despise dishonesty and false advertising. Not the preferred traits of marketers, ay? Well, that’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to start Titan Writer — because we stand for ethical writing.

Also, we promote and advise ethical writing to all our readers.

That being said, we’ll only recommend products or services we use or we’ve used ourselves. Hence, we’re aware our firm ethical stand will cost us many opportunities to earn commissions. However, we want to build a friendly and long-term relationship with you based on trust.

And your trust matters the most to us.

Nonetheless, although we share the same beliefs, each of us is different. Thus, products or services that work for us don’t necessarily have to work for others. Therefore, before making any purchase, we advise you to take everything into account.

Sum up all the facts, think about the pros and cons. Don’t rush. Do your due diligence. Then you’ll know whether a product or service fits your needs and requirements or not.

How to tell if a link is a referral

Of course, we’ll recommend other useful products and services (not affiliate) as well. Our goal is to inform you about everything that might come in useful to you and your work.

Note: All affiliate links will be clearly marked at least once on every page or post they’re mentioned.

As we’ve said before, we value your trust. In this way, you’ll never doubt whether our recommendation is an affiliate link or not.

This is an example of a marked affiliate link:

Titan Writer looks this amazing thanks to Elementor (affiliate) — the easiest drag and drop website builder for WordPress.

png transparent elementor logo the best free drag and drop website builder for wordpress blogs

But, we must admit something. We’re only humans and unintentional mistakes are possible. If in doubt whether a certain link is affiliate, or you’ve noticed that we’ve failed to mark a referral link, please contact us.

Do you have any other questions about our affiliate links? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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