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About Titan Writer

Learn To Become a Content Marketing Hero

Before we continue, think about the following questions. (No worries, we won’t grade you or judge you.)

Do you want to:

  • attract more readers?
  • become a fellow content writer? Or, as we say it, content fighter?
  • help save the world from toxic content?
  • know why content writing is the future and how you can be its hero?
  • learn why SEO is a powerful weapon in the field of content battle?
  • defeat fear over WordPress?
  • find out why content writing can’t fulfil its sacred duty without proper digital content marketing?

If your answer to the majority of these questions is “yes,” then you’re right where you‘re supposed to be.

And we’re overjoyed to have you with us.

As you probably know, content writing differs from any other writing you’ve learned so far. Especially, school-writing. What does that mean? This means that classic writing doesn’t get along with online business writing.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Spelling and grammar remain an essential part of content writing. But, unlike classic writing, content writing is all about being persuasive, clear, and concise.

Still, even the best web content (in terms of presentation) means nothing without other online practices, such as SEO and digital marketing.

And that’s precisely what Titan Writer desires to achieve.

Titan Writer offers FREE SEO digital content writing lessons, tips, tricks and resources.

Additionally, we wish to provide equal support to all fellow writers. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional writer, we guarantee we’ll guide you to the solution of your conflicts.

Content Writing Is a Skill That Can Be Developed and Mastered

Luckily for you, as it was for us once too, content -creating and -writing skills can be developed and mastered. However, a few bumps along the road to success are inevitable. And that’s where we jump in.

We remember all too well how hard it was once we stared out. Things can look desperate, hopeless, and frustrating. Still, we’re not here to tell you it happens to everyone. Consolations are not our thing.

We’re here because we know.

We know what you’re going through and what you’re battling against. Most importantly, we know how to help YOU fix it.

So, if you’re eager to learn how to:

  • create fresh, striking, genuine and captivating written content,
  • master the process of putting ideas, visions and goals into amazing words,
  • attract more visitors to your blog or website,
  • turn blog or website visitors into loyal readers,
  • increase website traffic,
  • optimize WordPress,
  • channel your passion and let it do the work for you,

then subscribe to our Newsletter and bookmark Titan Writer because you’ll want to know what we have to share with you.

The Story Behind Titan Writer


We’re Tasha Bogic and Mark Holloway, and together we represent the team behind the Titan Writer.

Indeed, after decades of doing amazing work for others, we decided it was time to do something for ourselves. We’ve been friends for years. But, until Titan Writer, we’ve never worked together. However, we share the same beliefs and passion towards content writing and sharing our skills and knowledge.

Of course, you’ve figured out the plot of this story.

After a few conversations, we’ve decided to let our passion do the work for us.

The Titan Writer team were excellent to work with, offering great attention to detail together with cool and creative ideas for copywriting material – and an impressive and dedicated approach to my need.

Peter Carson, international consultant, customs and trade facilitation

Titan Writer is our passion, and we’re thrilled about it because we adore writing and helping others. And we hope we’ll help YOU find your passion and let it guide you.

About Titan Boy

The fantastic superhero figure we use in our digital content is designed by Freepik.

white black cyan typography logo titan writer website with black figure of superhero with a cape - make your digital content visible tagline
Titan Writer Featured Image

We refer to him as the Titan Boy. (Tasha was his Godmother.)

Titan Boy will help us guide you through the process of becoming your own hero.

Step by step, we’ll teach you how to:

  • use your strengths,
  • embrace weaknesses,
  • create and seize opportunities,
  • get to know and love yourself,
  • gain and upgrade skills and knowledge.

And all of that with one goal in mind — to become a content marketing hero.

Without further ado, let’s start combating toxic content right away.

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